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  Snow Fight 3.0
Click and hold down on your guys to power up and fire snowballs at the enemies.
  Sneaky Weasel Tetris
Tetris blocks blox type game position your pieces properly a ...
  Sneaky Thief Adventure
Defeat the evil wizard and steal his stuff.
  Snap Shotz
Can you spot the difference? There's 6 or so puzzles here, e ...
  Snake Hunt
Classic old school snake game pick up apples and make your snake grow.
  Snake 3D
Move your snake in four directions. Pick up dots and grow bigger.
Remember snake on the old nokia? This is the re-makeRight ar ...
Classic snake game eat the different fruits for strange resu ...
Destroy all the blocks to advance to the next level in this classic arcade game.
  Smash: Champions
Answer questions about movies, songs and actors correctly to ...
A fun puzzle game similar to the famous Rubic's Cube. You co ...
  Slingshot Santa
Click once to get the elves pushing the catapult, and again ...
  Slacker Adventure
This is a fantastic flash RPG game. Guide Slacker around tow ...
  Skeleton Park
Run around picking up bones as a skeleton but avoid being caught by the dogs.
  Sinjid Battle Arena
Go to the shop gather up weaponry armor and other items batt ...
Click on the colored buttons according to the sequence the p ...
  Simba's Pride - LK2
Help Kiara rescue Kovu.
  Shove It
Move the blocks into their specified spots before time runs out.
  Shot Baller
Use W, A, S and D to move around, hold the mouse down and re ...
  Shoot For The Sky
Aim your cannon towards the cloud, power up and fire to reach the cloud.
  Shogunate: Samurai Spirit
Wait for the perfect time to strike and then slice down your ...
A great version of the arcade game Frogger, but with a sheep.
  Shanghai Dynasty
This is a great puzzle game that will have you pulling your hair out for hours!
  Sekonda Ice Hockey
Inflict some serious pain on your opponents in this game of ice hockey!
  Sea Survival
Swim through the waters, eat smaller fish, avoid bigger fish ...
  SB Stage 1
Use your Samurai sword to slice up enemies. Perform combo at ...
  Saving Wade 2
Run through the levels while picking up items, avoiding enem ...
  Saving Wade
Collect all the flash works, avoid the enemies and make it to the teleporter.
  Save the Ring
Collect the gold rings that pop up on the level and avoid th ...
  Saber Mania
Battle against enemies with flash sabres or lightsabres, blo ...

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